Saturday, September 23, 2006

you are mine.

posesif? lagunya naif? :D

let's talk about possesive pronouns, menerangkan kepemilikan.

kita cek beberapa hal dulu!
masih inget subject-subject yang ada kan? i, you, we, they, he, she.
masih inget simple present?
masih inget countable dan uncountable nouns?
masih? good!

let's pay attention to these examples!

i have a book.
this is my book. ini bukuku.
this is mine. ini (buku) milikku.

she has a car.
this is her car. ini mobilnya.
this is hers. ini (mobil) miliknya.

easy right?
  • i - my - mine
  • you - your - yours
  • we - our - ours
  • they - their - theirs
  • he - his - his
  • she - her - hers
if my, your, our, their, his and her selalu diikuti dengan kata bendanya, mine, your, our, their, his and hers tidak lagi.

this is a book.
whose book is this?
this is my book.
this is mine.

loh? kok ilustrasinya cincin kawin? hihihi...

pic is from here.

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